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An active office!

An active office!7th October 2016

Something that is important to us at the Wooldridge Group is encouraging an active lifestyle. By introducing classes, furniture, charity events and more, we like to make sure we offer a wide variety so that everyone can be involved whether it’s a lot or just a little.


Table Tennis: Our new meeting room has a table that can turn into a Table Tennis table. It’s a good opportunity to get away from your desk for a short while and stretch your legs out. We currently have a leader board


Office Furniture: We understand that sitting at a desk for a long time can cause bad posture and in some cases tight muscles! The Posture Chairs we have introduced come in lots of different designs, we have some yoga balls, an inflatable mushroom and kneeling seats. Stand up desks were also brought into the office. They wind up and down with a handle, allowing people to stretch their legs when they fancy but still do work at the same time.


Nia: Nia is a barefoot, low impact movement to music incorporating dance, martial arts and healing arts. The class is after work once a week and many of the office staff, male and female, make a weekly appearance.


Hand Strengthener: Each member of the office has a GoFLX Hand Grip which allows you to change the resistance and exercise/ strengthen your hands. This reduces your chances of developing arthritis and carpal tunnel.


Charity Events: We have always supported members of staff involving themselves in charity events. We’ve had members run the marathon, cycle in the Ride100, tackle the Hell Run, Men walking a mile in high heels and many more.


Cycle to Work: Last year we re-designed the bathroom area so that there was a shower and changing area for people that cycle to work. This has encouraged more staff to cycle to work for fitness and to help the environment.