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Berkshire Golf Club Ascot

Berkshire Golf Club Ascot14th January 2014

The Berkshire Golf Club wanted to redesign their practice ground. The existing ground was in poor condition with little or no drainage and very poor soils.

Wooldridge was selected to work at The Berkshire based on previous experience at other golf courses.

Wooldridge worked closely with the Club to draw up the plans for a new, practical-yet-challenging practice ground and the proposal was approved by the land owners, The Crown Estate. Wooldridge located and re-used fill material from local construction sites then spread, levelled and compacted the area. The site was top soiled with material recycled on site during the project and seeded. After six months, leaving the earth to settle, Wooldridge completed land-drainage works.

To minimise disruption for the Club’s members, work began in the autumn and was completed in two phases so that major works took place during the quieter months of winter. The project was delivered on time. During the entire project approximately 120,000m3 of materials that would have gone to landfill were re-used and approximately 32,000m3 were recycled and used as topsoil.