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Bridge Dismantling

Bridge Dismantling5th August 2011


Night-time road closures were put in place on the busy A27 Chichester bypass to allow us to remove a link bridge whose span covered all four lanes.

The predominantly steel structure was a hinged construction, and required the use of two cranes, to
simultaneously support and lift both halves of the bridge, to prevent the risk of collapse among any of its sections.

Our approach used an extensive team of employees working at height with access platforms to
commence the deconstruction process, before excavators – placed on road protection mats – continued the removal of buttresses and support columns.

We were assigned a 48-hour window in which to complete the bridge removal, with the implementation of huge financial penalties for noncompletion within the time constraints.

The efficiency and professionalism of our team saw the project completed six hours ahead of schedule, allowing the road to be re-opened sooner.