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High Rise Demolition

High Rise Demolition5th August 2011


The careful removal of the central atrium and floors of a fivestorey building while leaving the façade in place, posed a different set of challenges for the Wooldridge Demolition team.

Working space was almost non-existent, and material removal had to be by tower crane and into waiting trucks. In addition, the property undergoing renovation was adjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice, in Essex Street, The Strand, compounding the issues associated with noise management, vibration control, dust suppression and logistics.

Our solution was innovative: run a process of top-down demolition using super-silenced mini excavators and hydraulic attachments, avoiding the use of percussive and impact equipment. Our largest machine on this project was just 2.5 tonnes in weight.

The intricate nature of the process was one that required a lot of additional temporary works, including back-propping walls and floors, and the construction of foundation pads to allow the tower crane to be located within the heart of the building.

Noise levels throughout adjacent buildings were closely monitored by the Courts, which could not detect our presence at
any other time outside the one hour per day allowed to carry out ‘noisy’ work. This 60 minute window allowed us to open up
access holes on floors and walls, so that heavily silenced work could progress.

London’s directive for statutory working times to combat noise pollution states two hours on, two hours off. Our processes were
so quiet and so stealthy, that we were allowed to work all day, completing the strip-out of the five-storey property within 14 weeks.

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