About us

What is the Wooldridge Way?

It’s the philosophy that has made us the professional, diverse and deeply personal business we are today.

It is the very best recruitment, training and management strategies that co-ordinate our operations for the best possible safety & efficiency.

It is our conscientious focus upon environmental welfare, and our dedication to the health and safety of our employees, our customers as well as the general public.

It is our commitment and trusted expertise in the construction field, which has allowed us to diversify across all manner of services, from demolition to design, delivery to development, while retaining and cultivating both new and long-standing relationships with our clients.

Close to forty years ago, long before the Wooldridge name had seen itself emblazoned on a fleet of construction vehicles, and longer still before it had become the banner under which a whole Group could proudly stand, a young Ian and Graham Wooldridge were putting their heads and their plans together.

The two brothers founded the company in 1975 as a small start-up agricultural operation and bailed hay and straw throughout the summer. Due to a lack of work through the winter periods Ian and Graham made the decision to start looking for alternative income. Then came the purchase of the firm’s first excavator and two road sweepers marking the occasion and the start of their company’s long, challenging and exciting venture. The brothers both attended Merrist Wood Agricultural College in Guildford but decided against university or any other higher education. Even without formal business training the Wooldridge brothers displayed a clear and entrepreneurial instinct and sound business acumen.

Over time, their approach to diversifying and expanding the business and their aim to provide comprehensive construction services has proved extraordinarily successful, with annual turnovers in excess of £45million and customers from across the British Isles.

Approaching 40 years into their journey, the group continues to expand within the established businesses of Groundwork, Plant Hire, Road Sweeping, Demolition, Muck Away, Property Development, Construction and Landscape Supplies, providing customers with a broad scope of services from demolition to delivery.

The vision Ian and Graham set within the late 70s remains, vindicated by the continuing success of their unique philosophy and personalised approach to their business. It’s the Wooldridge Way.